OjO debuts V2 model of e-scooter, purpose-built for rideshare and on-demand delivery services

OXNARD, Calif. and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, OjO Electric Corp. (the “Company” or “OjO“) (TSXV: OJO), a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company, is pleased to announce OjO V2, the Company’s newest, most highly equipped scooter, which was purpose-built for both rideshare deployment and for use by drivers of on-demand delivery service companies. On-demand delivery is a key strategic focus for the Company given the unique form-factor of the OjO scooter, and its potential to displace the CO2-emitting vehicles predominantly used by these services today.

OjO V2, with its dual 48V lithium-ion battery packs, has a range of up to 50 miles and is capable of a maximum speed of 20 mph with a maximum load of 300 lbs. These attributes, together with the OjO’s comfortable, adjustable cushioned seat and rear storage basket, make it an ideal replacement for the CO2-emitting vehicles used in on-demand delivery services ranging from food delivery apps to package delivery.

“We believe that OjO has the potential to make a positive, green impact in today’s ‘1-click’ world by displacing a large chunk of the cargo vans, cars, and trucks used in on-demand deliveries with an all-electric fleet of our uniquely designed seated scooters,” said Max Smith, CEO of the Company.

V2 Features

Now available for use in rideshare in Memphis, Dallas and Austin, the OjO V2 has more than 13 updates, including improved cushioned seats, integrated GPS technology and wider handlebars for safe and easy navigation.

The zero emission, fully-electric OjO V2 scooters are built with heavy-gauge aluminum made for optimal strength to withstand the demands of high rideshare and on-demand delivery usage for optimal strength, stability and safety. OjO V2 is a sit-down scooter built for bike lanes and streets and has speed control capabilities with variations of 8/10/12/15/18, and 20mph for no ride and slow ride zoning.

New OjO V2

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of OjO V2. We want to continually better our users’ experiences by providing our riders with a safe, environmentally friendly, fun and easy way to commute,” said Mr. Smith.

The new OjO V2 features lock-to technology, two swappable batteries, front and rear disc brakes, brake lights for visibility, an LED headlight, motorcycle grade pneumatic tires and a robust rear Hub Motor capable of climbing 18% grade.

In addition, OjO’s geofencing enables variable speed controls and voice commands to promote safety. “We are continuing to work with local governments to ensure that OjO users are following the city’s regulations, making OjO a safe solution for riders and pedestrians,” said Mr. Smith. “As a design-first company, OjO is always working on future generations of our scooters to make the OjO the best ridesharing experience available.”

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