The Microlino

Micro Mobility Systems was founded by Wim Ouboter in 1999, he wanted to change urban mobility by inventing the Kickscooter and the Kickboard. The two products were a massive success with millions of sold units and Micro Mobility Systems is now the market leader for last-mile transportation and sells products for all age groups.

Together with his two sons, Oliver and Merlin, he started the Microlino project in 2015.

After showing the first prototype in 2016 and meeting great demand, the company formed a Joint-Venture with Italian electric car manufacturer Tazzari.

Concept: This is not a car!

Inspired by bubble cars from the 50ies like the ISO Isetta and Heinkel Trojan, the Microlino combines the advantages of a motorbike with those of a car.

It was designed to be the ideal vehicle for daily distances, like commuting to work or shopping. On average these distances are only 35 km long, so the standard range of 120km is more than enough. The trunk has enough space to fit four crates of beer and there is one of our Micro Kickscooters integrated to cover the last mile from parking space to destination.

Charging is possible on a regular houseplug in just 4 hours, so there is no need for a charging station at home. But our favorite feature: due to its size the Microlino can cross-park and with the front-door, you get out directly on the sidewalk.

The Microlino comes in seven color combinations and has a base price of 12’000 Euros, which makes it one of the first affordable electric vehicles.


Due to the small battery, the lightweight construction and less parts than in a normal car, the Microlino emits about 60% less energy for its production and 65% less during usage. Eco-friendliness has never been so easy.


Two and a half years after the start of the project, we unveiled our first pre-series Microlino on 24th of January in Zurich. This vehicle is already very close to the series production. Currently, we are fine-tuning the vehicle and making homologation tests, so that we can start production soon. First test drives will be possible in Spring in our first Flagship store in Zurich. Up to now, we have received more than 4600 reservations and we expect the first vehicles to be produced between Spring and Summer 2018 in Tazzaris factory in Italy and then being delivered to customers.

We will sell through our own flagship stores and have already partnered with Bosch car service in Switzerland, to offer their network of 70 service stations to our customers.

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