Zapp Readies the i300 Performance City Bike for Deliveries

  • First road-ready versions of electric i300 are set for first customer deliveries
  • High design and performance coming to the city bike market
  • i300 performance city bike has attracted design accolades since unveil last year
  • Introduces Super Twister ™ motor and Turbo Twins ™ portable batteries for 14kW and 60km range
  • Over 2.5 million personalisation options available on website bike builder
  • Order book is open for new Zapp customers at zappscooter.com

Zapp Scooter has announced that its flagship i300 model has entered production and will begin deliveries of the electric bike before the end of this year.

The i300 was unveiled last year and is unique in the powered two-wheel marketplace (EVs & ICE) in delivering superbike type of acceleration and riding dynamics, but with the convenience, accessibility, and ease of a scooter. The production i300 stays true to the design of the prototype presented in 2018. With finishing touches and refinements on a bold design that has since won the Silver Prize at the 2019 European Product Design Award.

Since the unveiling of the prototype, the i300 has received accolades from the media and the riding community alike, having made it to many top-ten lists of awaited bikes.

Performance and Sustainability Driven by Innovation and Differentiation

Zapp is a technology-led manufacturer. It has filed five international patent applications relating to motorcycle fundamentals. Zapp and i300 count over 50 new-to-the-industry production, systems and product advanced features, contributing to best-in-class ergonomics, performance, convenience, quality, manufacturing and full-life sustainability.

i300 standard equipment include: a ultra high power 14kW (peak) internal permanent magnet (IPM) electric motor, two ultra compact lightweight battery packs, superbike type adjustable suspension and brakes, including 2-sensor ABS, and unique interchangeable front fender and modular storage systems.

i300 can accelerate to 50kph in 2.3sec and onto its limited top speed of 100kph in 4.9 sec. 

“With thrilling performance as i300’s core feature, we are pleased with the market’s positive feedback so far and believe Zapp will be the performance city bike of choice for European city dwellers,” said Swin Chatsuwan, CEO and Co-Founder.

Zapp won widespread praise for offering previously unseen levels of rider personalisation, including over 2.5 million combinations of colour, graphics, seating, and curated options.

Innovative Portable Battery Solution & Sustainability Commitment

Zapp’s i300 comes standard with two ultra-compact lightweight portable lithium-ion battery packs. At 33x21x5cm and 5kgs each, they are the most portable packs on the market today. Zapp’s patented battery cartridge mounting system also allows for easiest access.

The Turbo Twins ™ charge via any standard 110/240V domestic socket with the supplied charger.  With their stylish leather handle, you can take the battery packs everywhere and charge them anywhere, just like your mobile phone. 0-100% charge taking less than 4 hours, and 20-80% charge takes much less time.

Together the Turbo Twins ™ have a range of 60kms. With the average European city rider travelling less than 20 kms/day, i300 is perfect for daily city use and do not require any public charge or battery exchange points.

The Turbo Twins ™ uses the least number of battery cells per vehicle and per miles travelled. This allows Zapp to fulfill its Gen-2 sustainability promise.

With the ability to purchase further battery packs, home chargers and travel chargers, i300 comes with true portability, modularity and flexibility as standard. It presents a complete rethink on how they manage their daily range requirements.

Zapp readies the i300 for deliveries 

Zapp’s assembly plant is now open in Thailand, located within a few kilometers of all the major Japanese, British, European and American motorcycle manufacturers, who together produce nearly 2.0 million premium motorcycles per year.

“The solar powered plant, which does not require heating or air conditioning, with a starting capacity of 10,000 vehicles per year, furthers the Turbo Twins technology to fulfil our Gen-2’ sustainability promise, as does i300 high recyclability,” said Jeremy North, Zapp’s Director and COO.

Design Leadership 

The i300 is unlike any other city bike or scooter. The i300 is a radical, sports bike-like step-through design. This advanced design ethos allows i300 to fulfil its high power electric drivetrain performance potential. 

The i300 was awarded the Silver Prize at the European Product Design Awards.

At the heart of i300 chassis design is its distinctive ‘Z’-shaped exoskeleton, where form meetings function. i300 uses a surprising few number of chassis components, which not only reduce weight but the reduced materials also increases assembly sustainability.

The exoskeleton creates a striking side-on view. The rear swing arm gives an impression of floating, with no bodywork around it, and is fitted with a 10-spoke 14” rear alloy wheel lined with a nitrogen-filled 140/60 ultra low-profile tyre.

Revolutionary sports bike engineering

Underneath the stylish exterior that befits its high-performance attributes, the i300 is configured with the underpinnings of a machine associated with the highest ranks of motorsport. Featuring design cues from the world of professional motorcycle racing, the i300 belies its purpose as a city bike. The chassis comprises an aluminium exoskeleton over a chrome-moly underbone to form an ultra-lightweight pairing. This ‘exoskeleton’ is now a copyrighted and patent pending feature. 

Upside down front forks, four piston brake calipers, fully floating cross-drilled disc brakes, dual-sensor ABS, single-sided rear swing arm, gas filled, pre-load adjustable true-pushrod rear coilover, quick steering geometry, and wide wheels and ultra low profile tyres all suggest high-performance with no expense spared. These technologies and features have been adopted at the highest level of professional racing and on the best road-going superbikes, but are revolutionary on a city bike. 

The lightweight bi-metallic aerospace-grade chassis reduces the mass of the scooter to 95kg, giving characterful, responsive and sporty handling while enabling the i300 to fulfill itsGen-2 sustainability promise.  The long swing arm and corresponding wheelbase not only creates a purposeful presence, but is necessary to provide the handling and characteristics capable of harnessing the bike’s 587Nm of rear wheel torque. Meanwhile, the 63.5? steering head angle and 80? turning angle allows the scooter to effortlessly negotiate urban traffic. 

Reinforcing its position as a thought leader in the EV industry, Zapp team has filed its first four international patent applications to the European Patent Office via a Patent Cooperation Treaty. As a research led manufacturer aiming to establish itself amongst the majors, Zapp team indicated that many more patents will follow.

Made For Performance

The sports bike theme continues around the i300 with pre-load adjustable progressive rate upside-down front forks akin to those found on a superbike. Unlike any other city bikes and scooters before, the i300 patented component arrangement results in the vehicle’s centre of mass being as low as the wheel, ensuring the best handling there ever is in the vehicle of its kind. The forks are hidden behind the patented interchangeable front fender, making the i300 the first step through bike ever to be aerodynamically tested and optimised. The rear suspension also falls in line with the bike’s performance characteristics; the pushrod pre-load adjustable progressive-rate gas-filled rear coil-over keep the bike planted for a safe yet comfortable ride.

A Unique Zapp i300 for Everyone

Zapp has placed a strong emphasis on customer individuality; at launch, the scooter can be ordered in six different colours. A wide range of personalisation options include custom grip and seat colours, diamond cut wheels, carbon fibre elements, accessory frames, carrier boxes and footpegs. With more than 2.5 million possible combinations possible, there truly is an i300 to accommodate any style preference, budget and rider experience.

Zapp’s proprietary and patented modular storage system allows the underseat storage to be modularly configured by riders. Owners can simply take the storage frame or hard box out for maximum mobility or re-attach them easily for a storage space they need.

To ensure complete peace of mind, the Zapp i300 is offered with a seven-layer security system, while a dashcam and GPS tracking are available as options.

Available to Buy Now

Available to buy direct from zappscooter.com, the i300 will be delivered to the customer’s home by its dedicated specialists, called ‘Zappers’.

While the Zapp i300 is a dry-state electric vehicle that requires no fluid service, Zappers will also come to the customer’s home to perform an annual inspection as well as any repairs or upgrades.

Customers can order the Zapp i300 now, with a £500 deposit. The first 1,000 i300s are being delivered in Launch Edition, which includes: a complimentary upgrade to diamond cut wheels, special graphics and a limited edition x/1000 plate. First deliveries are expected to be made later in Q4, 2019. 

The Zapp i300 has a starting on-the-road price of £5,250. From launch, Zapp will also have a market-leading finance solution in place, which will deliver bikes to new owners from as little as £19 per week, subject to status and other conditions. 

Author: Press

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