Lime To Launch First E-Scooters In South Africa, United Arab Emirates

Amid recent discussions on scooter sustainability and equitable access to transportation, Lime is also reaffirming its position as the global leader in micromobility today by announcing two high-profile launches in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. 


Abu Dhabi will become the first city in the United Arab Emirates to offer Lime electric scooters starting in late November. 

“Abu Dhabi is a great city for electric scooters, and we’re really excited that it will be Lime’s first Gulf Cooperation Council market,” said Mohamad Nsouli, General Manager for Lime in the UAE. “We’re working closely with authorities to make the city even more connected and bring a fun, smart and convenient solution to get around.”

An initial fleet of several hundred Lime scooters will be available at strategic locations along the capital city’s 8 km-long Corniche. Lime’s inaugural launch comes just one month before Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week kicks off on Saturday, January 11. 


Lime electric scooters will launch in Cape Town, South Africa in early 2020, marking the company’s first micromobility deployment on the African continent. The initial fleet of scooters will be available at strategic, privately-owned locations throughout the city.

“Cape Town is helping lead the way forward on technology and innovation in Africa, and we’re excited to be a part of that story,” said Wayne Ting, Global Head of Operations and Strategy at Lime. “Our mission is to improve urban living through sustainable, affordable transportation, and we’re looking forward to extending meaningful mobility access and reduced carbon emissions to South Africans living in and traveling to Cape Town.”

With the addition of Cape Town to its global ridership community, Lime will now offer micromobility services on six continents worldwide. 


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Author: Press