Micro Mobility Market

Micro Mobility, its drones all over again.

Time to drop in an explainer about Micro Mobility World.

I have been following, commenting and being part of the drone ecosystem for over 10 years.

I have watched it move from just keeping aircraft the right way up with very simple sensor projects to multi-million dollar businesses based around the progeny of those same projects.

I know the definition of Micro Mobility is a little fluid still, so I am going to include the world I know of delivery drones and perhaps urban air mobility (UAM).

There are plenty of ground-based rolling robots that are hitting the ground right now that are going to really make a difference.

I had a reason to be part of the drone industry and things expanded from there. Micromobility excites me to the same degree as pre-DJI drone days.

It feels like change is in the air.

Hold tight here we go, trying to sort the wheat from the VC chaff.

Gary Mortimer
Author: Gary Mortimer

Founder of the sUAS News Group, the news resource for small drones, I am intrigued by the prospect of Micro Mobility. It has the potential to have a really positive impact on the world. I do feel a little old in this space though!

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