Segway-Ninebot Reveals Electric Bikes, Completing its Intelligent Mobility Product Lines

Beijing, China, Dec 2019 — Segway-Ninebot unveiled its brand-new electric bikes in a launch event held in Beijing, China. Over 700 guests and journalists gathered for the debut of two smart scooters, Ninebot eMoped and Ninebot eScooter, along with two conceptual models, Ninebot eScooter T and Segway Apex.

“Three years ago, Segway-Ninebot decided to redefine the industry with innovations in intelligence. Today, we are introducing our electric bikes with ‘true intelligence’, with the goal of providing our customers with cutting-edge technologies and smart functions that make their rides more comfortable and convenient”, said Luke Gao, the Chairman and CEO of Segway-Ninebot.

Ninebot eScooter and eMoped have multiple intelligent features. Ninebot AirLock keyless system and Ninebot RideyGo can lock and unlock the vehicle automatically. The smart Battery Management System enables intelligent parallel connections, fast charging and state of health (SoH) check, and provides 20 protections for the battery, such as short circuit protection. Aided by GPS, BDS and base stations, you can keep track of your eScooter and eMoped at any time, accurately detect the abnormalities and get instant messages to your phone. In addition, the eScooter and eMoped utilize over-the-air updates to wirelessly upgrade the functionality.

“Not all devices that connect to apps are intelligent. Truly intelligent products should be easy to operate and even able to do the operations automatically”, commented Cid Wang, co-founder and President of Segway-Ninebot.

Ninebot eScooter: Go Smarter, Ride Farther

Ninebot eScooter is a smart electric scooter that can meet mid-to-long distance urban mobility needs. It features a vigorous power train. The top model, E200P, is able to achieve a maximum speed of 62mph and acceleration from 0-25 mph within 3 seconds, with a range of 125 miles under dual-battery mode. Large disc brakes, front and rear, and Maxxis semi-slick sport tubeless tires give it outstanding controllability and road adaptability.

The structure of eScooter has been optimized to offer a more comfortable and steady riding experience. Other features include large seat trunks that can easily fit a full-size helmet, light-sensing intelligent matrix LED headlights, backlight spectrum interactive dashboard, and high water resistance to adapt to various weather conditions.

The eScooter also provides customization options, where customers can choose from 100,000 body panel colors and seat cushion options to build their own dream vehicle.

Ninebot eMoped: the Halo Smart Electric Bike

Ninebot eMoped is a chic electric bike featuring a colorful appearance and various smart functions. It is quite compact at 5.25 ft in length and weighing only 121 lbs, making it easy for riders to even transport it in an elevator up to their apartments. The newly designed lithium battery can be removed and taken out single-handedly. Customers are also able to customize their eMopeds with up to 100,000 color combinations to choose from.

It features a 48V brushless motor, with a rated capacity of 400w and maximum torque of 40 lb-ft, enabling it to achieve top speed of 16mph. Three models of the eMoped come with different range options: 22-28  miles,  34-40 miles, and 47-53 miles.

Other features include user-friendly digital dashboard, simple operations that could be controlled with just 2 buttons, and a reliable braking system with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

Two Concept Scooters: Ninebot eScooter T and Segway Apex

Two concept scooters were also presented in today’s launch demonstrating Segway-Ninebot’s R&D strength and its vision for futuristic smart city transportations.

Ninebot eScooter T has the same appearance and specifications as Ninebot eScooter E100, with additional features of self-balancing and remote control. Customers can control the scooter with a smartphone app and tell it to travel to designated points, such as a parking garage. It won’t fall down even if it gets struck during the tour.

Segway Apex, on the other hand, is a super scooter that can achieve a maximum speed of 125 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph within only 2.9 seconds, making it the fastest product developed by Segway-Ninebot ever.

Recently Announced

On November 5th, 2019, Company unveiled its first electric dirt bike, namely “Segway Dirt eBike” at The SEMA Show, Las Vegas in the U.S., which is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo (See the related link below). On the same date, Segway announced three new off-road vehicles including ATV, UTV, and SSV, at EICMA in Milan, Italy, demonstrating a strategic move into a new market segment of powersports.

About Segway-Ninebot

Segway-Ninebot is a global enterprise in the fields of intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots. In 1999, Segway was established in Bedford, NH, the US, which is the world leader in commercial-grade, electric, self-balancing personal transportation. Ninebot is an intelligent short-distance transportation equipment operator integrating R&D, production, sales, and service, established in Beijing, 2012.

As Segway and Ninebot completed their strategic combination in 2015, Segway-Ninebot came into being. Today, the company’s businesses are all around the world and have subsidiaries in Beijing, Seattle, Bedford, Amsterdam, Seoul, Singapore, Munich, Changzhou, and Tianjin, selling products in more than 80 countries and regions. With world-renowned intellectual property, Segway-Ninebot will create more products that will lead the users and the entire industry into the future.

For more information, please visit https://www.segway.com/.

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