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VeoRide Leads Shared Micromobility into 2020 with New Futuristic Vehicle

Micromobility’s innovation leader, VeoRide, today unveiled a new kind of shared transportation option that will enable millions to enjoy their first and last-mile commutes with previously un-matched convenience, accessibility, and comfort. The Veo Cosmo is a first of its kind seated electric vehicle created expressly for the rigours of shared use. Easier to ride than an e-bike or e-scooter, and more compact and simple to operate than a moped, the new Veo Cosmo is designed to accommodate a wide range of body types, and enable users to safely and comfortably make short trips across varying terrain in all kinds of weather conditions.

Veo Cosmo is currently ready to be deployed and will be launched to selective markets in Spring 2020. It will become one of VeoRide’s micro-mobility offerings to cities along with the company’s existing shared bikes and e-scooters.

“Veo Cosmo is completely custom-built by our R&D team, and not modified from any type of consumer-grade off-the-shelf products. It represents the visionary execution of VeoRide’s mission to provide universal transportation accessibility,” said VeoRide CEO, Candice Xie. “Our team is the first to bring to the market this new kind of sustainable, safe, and convenient last-mile transportation option.”

Built with advanced materials including aluminium alloy for the body frame, and cast magnesium alloy for the wheels, the Veo Cosmo is flexible, yet strong and made to withstand the elements and unpredictable road conditions creating a safe and dependable new commuting option. Front suspension and puncture-resistant pneumatic tires deliver the ultimate smooth riding experience, it has a swappable battery that’s shareable across VeoRide vehicles, which can power it up to 40 miles per charge, while a 500 watt motor provides the power necessary to tackle steep terrain. The front and back wheel drum brake system allows for an effective and efficient stop. A double sided kickstand ensures parking stability. Integrated front and back LED lights enable nighttime usage, and side logo letters are printed with night glow ink for added visibility. Other features include durable plastic covers for wire protection, 4G LTE display, and finger press throttle control.

The Veo Cosmo can comply with city regulations like speed cap, remote shut-down motor, speed control, and geofence parking though VeoRide’s proprietary IOT technology.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the projected lifespan of the shared vehicles is 2-3 years whereas most competitors’ shared e-scooters currently last only 3 months in the field.

“VeoRide is leading the micromobility industry in resolving traffic congestion through relentless innovation. The introduction of Veo Cosmo is an important step forward beyond electric scooter and bikes in that effort,” said VeoRide President, Edwin Tan.

About VeoRide

Headquartered in Chicago, VeoRide, is one of the micromobility industry’s most innovative and fastest growing companies. With its unique e-swappable-battery technology which enables safe charging, the company designs and manufactures the seated Veo Cosmo, e-scooters, e-bikes, and bikes specifically built for the rigors of shared use. VeoRide products lead the industry in terms of lifetime sustainability, and are also widely recognized as the most comfortable and safe to ride. VeoRide has dozens of cities nationwide as partners in its mobility share programs, and is adding additional municipalities and universities every month. For more information, please visit http://www.veoride.com

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