With the global e-bike sharing market set to quite literally take off this year, prepare to see a number of new innovative vehicles entering the fray in 2020. 

The demand for bike-sharing technology and hardware is ripe—bike-sharing statistics show that e-bike rental services and logistics software will help drive a 6.39% rise in the global e-bike market by 2024 (Mordor Intelligence)—and we’re ready to ride the wave with cutting-edge hardware from our partners, such as the upcoming ACTON NEXUS. 

After working with us to deploy thousands of electric scooters worldwide, the California-based company is set to launch the NEXUS in March. ACTON’s R&D team spent the last year putting the final touches on the vehicle, but its debut has been an even longer time coming for ACTON CEO Janelle Wang.

“Our team developed a folding e-bike three years ago. E-bikes are extremely popular now, and since we always want to do something innovative, we designed a shareable model from the ground up,” says Wang. “The NEXUS is very B2B focused with our proprietary advanced IoT for GPS accuracy, and it has a battery-protected design in our double bar system that really optimizes the overall structure and electronic component.”

Of course, Wang is no stranger to electronic components. She co-founded ACTON in 2013 and immediately hit the ground running with the launch of its three-wheeled M scooter. From there, ACTON debuted electric skateboards, motorized skates and, in 2018, its M PRO e-scooter. The M PRO has been powered by Joyride software in more than 20-plus markets and counting. 

ACTON’s existing B2B scooter customers are already showing significant interest in the NEXUS bike, which is manufactured in both China and Vietnam. “It has already been received really well from both our current partners and new businesses,” she says. 

“Public interest in e-bikes is also off the charts. For trips under five miles, we usually turn to scooters. But for anything beyond that, e-bikes are perfect for the job. They are a great extension to cities.” 

Wang adds that an e-bike’s larger wheel size (the NEXUS’ is 26 inches) makes it more conducive to longer trips, especially in uneven terrains. “You can ride an e-bike for days. A bicycle really lets you explore a city as a tourist,” she says. 

In terms of bike-sharing technology, the NEXUS will come fully integrated with Joyride’s software platform, and the vehicles can be either docked or dockless. 

“As always, hardware and software go hand in hand, and every vehicle needs stellar fleet management,” Wang says. “We’ve had a longstanding partnership with Joyride, so we’re excited to extend our relationship to the NEXUS.”

Also exciting to Wang is the ability to finally ride her NEXUS to work every day. “I’ve been dreaming about that for months. I live six miles from the ACTON office,” she says. “The freedom of a bicycle is a fulfilling one, and I can’t wait for more people to get out of their cars and experience it, too.” 

Want a piece of the global e-bike movement? Contact us today to learn about software and vehicle opportunities powered by the Joyride platform. 

Author: Press

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