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Lime Partnership Supplies German Warehouses With 100% Renewable Energy

Lime continues to advance its mission of creating smart mobility solutions for cities and providing communities with cleaner transportation solutions.  As part of this ongoing commitment, Lime has announced a partnership with clean energy supplier Polarstern Energie to supply warehouses in Germany with electricity from 100% renewable energy. 

Lime began charging scooters globally with renewable energy in the fall of 2018, the first micromobility company to make such a commitment. The announcement to switch to an independent clean energy provider for most of its major German warehouses deepens Lime’s sustainability commitment toward local clean energy procurement, advancing the company’s broader sustainability mission.

“How climate-friendly mobility offers are is always a question of the energy used, not just the technology. As an energy supplier, we see it as our task to help shape the new mobility services through renewable energy products and to do our part to reduce CO2 emissions in traffic, ” says Florian Henle, founder and managing director of the eco-energy provider Polarstern. 

The renewable energy for Lime’s warehouses will come from a hydroelectric power plant in the German city of Feldkirchen am Inn, close to Rosenheim. Polarstern, founded in Munich in 2011, only offers clean energy solutions: electricity from German hydropower and gas from plant waste. Polarstern Energie is six times the ÖKO test winner and TÜV-certified. The real green electricity tariff from Polarstern is certified according to the highest standards of the “Grüner Strom-Labels”, the green electricity label of the environmental associations.

Andrew Savage, VP of Sustainability at Lime says: “This partnership expands our company’s commitment to powering our global fleet on 100% renewable energy by operating these German warehouses on the highest standard of clean energy. German riders can confidently feel a sense of doing their part to fight our urgent climate crisis and making their communities more livable by taking a scooter powered by carbon-free German renewable energy. We believe the future of transportation is electric, and that is the path toward the zero-carbon future we are striving toward realizing as a company.”

“Polarstern Energie meets the highest standards and is the ideal partner to supply our warehouses with electricity from 100% renewable energies. Our two companies share the vision of making the world a better place,” said Jashar Seyfi, General Manager of Lime Germany. 

Lime buys renewable energy across the globe to support its e-scooter charging, including buying power from Planète OUI for all French warehouses. To date, it has purchased over 6,900 MWh of renewable energy across the globe, the equivalent of rail cars worth of coal.

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