DŌST Bikes – New Canadian eBikes Boast 120 Miles Range on Single Charge

DŌST Bikes, Canada’s newest electric bike company, is excited to announce their ultimate eBikes. DŌST Bikes are designed in Canada specifically for the North American market where regulations allow for a more powerful eBikes than in Europe. DŌST Bikes boast an ultra-long range combined with a high-performance 750W mid-drive motor (500W in Canada) capable of speeds of 28 mph. Other key features include a throttle, rear rack with 100 lb capacity for utility & trekking and low-step frames for comfort. All bikes are “fully loaded” with prices starting at $2799 USD.

The combination of performance features and comparatively low price point has the industry taking notice such as ElectricBikeReview and Electrek. It’s a reflection both of the hot eBike market and how hungry North American riders are for eBikes with more range, more power and more value than established European luxury brands.

Though the DŌST brand is new, the team has been in the industry since 2014, with founder Sam Atakhanov previously heading two prominent Canadian eBike companies before going out on his own. Here Sam discusses the company philosophy:

“Between the thousands of miles we’ve ridden ourselves, and the thousands of conversations we’ve had with our customers we know what people want, but we just didn’t see any bikes out there that “ticked all the boxes”. For us the winning formula combines performance, utility and comfort, and that starts with the very first pencil sketch. It’s really unbelievable what a bike can do when you have so much battery capacity combined with such a powerful mid-drive motor on a purpose-built frame. Trekking, hauling capacity, hill-climbing, speed… it’s all there in one bike.”

DŌST will initially offer two hard-tail designs: the Drop with a low-step frame and the Kope, a stiffer more traditional mid-step frame. Both bikes are available in one size to fit riders between 4’10” and 6′ and will offer these standard features:

  • Dual Battery System – The ultra-long range is made possible by a dual battery system – the primary Samsung 14 Ah (672 Wh) paired with the optional Samsung 11 Ah (528 Wh) battery creating a whopping total capacity of 25 Ah (1200 Wh).
  • Powerful 750W Mid-drive Motor – The Bafang BBS02 motor is one of the most powerful mid-drives available and puts out 120 Nm of torque. Known for being an indestructible workhorse, the motor offers Shift Sensing technology for seamless shifting.
  • Throttle + Pedal Assist – The motor is engaged either by pedalling or using the thumb throttle so riders can choose whether to pedal or not.

DŌST Bikes will be sold across North America through a network of dealers and directly to consumers through DostBikes.com, with free shipping in Canada and the continental USA. DŌST is taking pre-orders now.

Join DŌST Bikes’ Facebook Group to get updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dostbikes

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