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ENVO Electric SnowKart

Snowboarding or Skiing is not the only option to enjoy winters anymore. As 80% of Canada is covered in snow for almost six months of the year, there is definitely a need for this versatile vehicle.

The Snowkart is a completely battery-operated vehicle; it’s easy to transport as you can fit it in your SUV and does not require a truck/trailer.

With a powerful Li-Ion battery, providing 2 hours of pleasure riding with single charge.ENVO electric SnowKart is taking advantage of a system called ENVO track which is a closed rubber snow track system equipped with a 1000W hub motor sprocket. There is no mechanical transmission, hence the track can be used as an independent module. The hub motors will be controllers by BLDC controllers.

A 850Wh battery module can run the system for 1 to 2 continuous hours of snow ride.  Optional additional modules can be added to extend the range.SnowKart is the name we at ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS gave to this new product; however this is not only a GoKart for snow. Users can customize and build this machine for various sizes or configurations. The frame is an engineered Tube/Clamp construction which provides lots of flexibility and customization.

This provides multiple options for DIY builders. For example, you can make 2 seater, double ski for more stability, Quad track snowmobile, single track double ski for kids, snowbikes, etc.The 1st generation of the snowkart developed in 2018 and was successfully tested using a centralized motor and steel tack (1st video).

The existing version has more flexible suspension, adjustable dimensions, independent e-brake for each track and as mentioned before safer rubber tracks.Product’s Beta version is offered for pre-ordering to Rental fleet for winter snow tourism, Snow adaptive mobility or DIY community.If you are interested, Please fill out this form


45KG total weight including battery making it light weight and portable
Capable of riding on up to 30CM deep fresh snow
17% Climb-ability with 100KG of rider with cargo
18km/h maximum speed
Less than 1m turning radius for great maneuverability and fun on packed snow or ice.
Up to 2 hours of ride per single charge

Suitable For:

Compact design to fit in a medium sized SUV for family winter vacation use 
Snow time short commutes, light transportation and errands
Snow tourism and rental for flat open fields and frozen lakes 
DIY snow machine builder

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