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Velove introduces Velovers: trained and certified e-cargobike couriers

To simplify the shift from van based to e-cargobike based last mile delivery, Velove now introduces Velovers: trained and certified e-cargobike couriers.

The Velove mission is to replace as many van and car trips as possible, with the main purpose to help out reaching the 1,5 degree climate change target. We have developed an award winning e-cargo bike, the Armadillo, and a containerized last mile delivery solution for this purpose. This solution is more productive, energy efficient and city friendly than any type of van for small parcel delivery in urban areas.

The Armadillo is award winning e-cargobike, popular among professional couriers because of its handling, comfort and bike path fit.

“I love this bike. You have a good view, the suspension works great, especially on cobblestones. Because it is only 86 cm wide, it fits perfect on a bikelane. So I really recommend it for driving in the city.”, says Mark de Klerk, courier for DHL Express in Antwerp, Belgium

Great hardware is indeed important for a courier to do a good job, but our customers also need to do changes in their processes and way of organising to get the most out of our last mile delivery solution. Here Velove can help out, for example in training the couriers to operate the Velove Armadillo e-cargobike safely and productively.

“We are today again leading the way by introducing training and certification of Armadillo couriers that are riding for our customers. The training includes Armadillo operation, traffic behaviour, productivity, customer satisfaction, preventive maintenance, sustainability and city liveability. Certified Velovers are also invited to an online community where experiences can be shared and help given between fellow Velovers. This is also a place where Velove as a company can make a direct link to the Velovers, opening up a valuable feedback channel.”, says Johan Erlandsson, co-founder and CEO of Velove.

“I just took the new Velover traning and now I am also a certified Velover. Even if I have been riding for a while already and the test thus was quite easy, I found some new valuable knowledge. I also look forward to connecting with other certified Velovers around the world!”, says Mark de Klerk.

Photo: Frederik Beyens

Author: Press

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