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Electric Micro Mobility Vehicle Striemo to Launch by End of 2022

TOKYO – Striemo Inc. is developing Striemo, an electric micro-mobility vehicle that provides a new mobility experience with user comfort front and centre, slated for launch by the end of 2022. Customers in Japan can enter a lottery for the chance to pre-order the product.

Features of Striemo

  • Self-balancing and high stability – Our unique Balance Assist System leverages natural human responses to allow Striemo to self-balance even when stopped, meaning the user can ride both at extremely low speeds and cruising speeds with minimal risk of overbalancing.
  • Stress-free balancing – Striemo can handle cobblestones, ruts, and inclines with minimal anxiety about maintaining balance.
  • Harmony with pedestrians and other vehicles – With minimal wobble and no need to step off the product when stopped, the user can easily navigate both roads at cruising speed and paths with pedestrians and other vehicles at walking speed.

Development and Future Prospects

Striemo Inc. is a startup founded primarily by Honda engineers in August 2021 through Honda’s new business creation program IGNITION.

The global micro mobility market is expected to undergo a rapid expansion, growing at 17.4% CAGR to a market size of US $198 billion by 20301, in part due to an international shift toward decarbonization. However, existing micro mobility systems still suffer stability issues: e-scooters are reported to have an accident rate 18 times higher than bicycles2, and data shows that 80% of these are single-party accidents caused by factors such as road conditions3.

Striemo has been designed with user comfortability front and center. We are leveraging our expertise in providing a stress-less, stable and natural driving experience to build a micro mobility vehicle that allows users to ride with confidence and consideration for their surroundings.

Striemo will go on sale in Japan before the end of 2022, both for the general public and for enterprise applications in commercial buildings, airports, warehouses, construction sites, and other locations. In preparation for the coming regulations allowing sidewalk riding, we are pushing forward development to take advantage of Striemo’s expertise in providing stability at walking speed.

From 2023, we plan to begin expanding into the European and U.S. markets. Going forward, we hope to provide “a new micro mobility standard” that can be used safely and easily by more people around the world, including the elderly.

Comment from Yotaro Mori, CEO of Striemo Inc.

“One of the joys of mobility is discovering and meeting new people. I believe that the micro mobility space has the potential to provide this joy to even more people.

However, I feel that existing micro mobility solutions still suffer from issues with maneuverability and stability. To address this, I began a new project in my home garage, building a new type of mobility that could provide a basic foundation of safety and security, leveraging the expertise in human mobility research I had cultivated through my experience developing racing and balance control technology at Honda.

We will work to make Striemo a part of everyday life for people around the world, and build a rich society in which everyone can move freely.”

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About Striemo Inc.

Location: Fuchu, Tokyo
Representative Director: Yotaro Mori
Founded: August 2021
(For customers in Japan) Lottery sales reservation site:

Author: Press

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