Kiwibot Reinvention

“Food is the ingredient that brings us together”

The New Year will bring new memories, new resolutions, and new Kiwibots!

In 2020, we will roll out Kiwibot Cloud Pro. A new generation is coming. Refined hardware design, new operations features, and superior human interactions will transform the logistics landscape and yield better service.

We combine sensors of a custom made stereo camera to get more information about the environment. Our Kiwibots will sense the world more accurately and move more precisely. Our Kiwibots are now resilient to dynamic light conditions on different sidewalks.

However, our newest Kiwibot will not be complete without our community’s input. We want all of you to be part of this next chapter.

You are invited to participate in this survey so we can incorporate your feedback in the next generation of Kiwibots.

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