Tom Dick and Harry, profitable Micro-Mobility?

Delivery robots of a different kind, the Small Robot Company aims to seed, feed and weed crops for farmers.

Offering, FaaS, farming as a service with their three rovers, Tom, Dick and Harry and overseeing the service with Wilma AI software.

With my other hat on, I chatted with Ben Scott-Harper who unpacked the companies proposition for me.

I see huge potential for ironing out autonomy issues in a pretty demanding environment. A great deal of precision will be required to truly monitor each plant. Muddy fields will put also sort of stress on the rovers, a real test.

I am watching the Small Robot Company with keen interest.

Gary Mortimer
Author: Gary Mortimer

Founder of the sUAS News Group, the news resource for small drones, I am intrigued by the prospect of Micro Mobility. It has the potential to have a really positive impact on the world. I do feel a little old in this space though!

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