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UK’s first cargo bike share pilot

Cargo bikes are helping make sustainable, zero-emission journeys part of everyday life. There are many reasons to use cargo bikes. Whether you’re transporting items between locations, getting a load of shopping, or picking up a new piece of furniture.

Where can I find a cargo bike? 

There are eight electrically assisted cargo bikes available to hire from four hubs across Hackney,  one in London Fields and one in Stoke Newington, and two in Shoreditch, close to the borders with Islington and Tower Hamlets. 

Let’s face it, the bus is never fun when you have a lot to carry, taxis are expensive and cars aren’t exactly green.

Residents and businesses can pick up a cargo bike from Fleetwood Street in Stoke Newington, Broadway Market, Shoreditch Church, and Old Street. Each of the cargo bikes are capable of carrying up to 80kg – and can be used for shopping, deliveries, to small items of furniture or anything bulky you may need to move. 

How to hire a Cargo bike

The cargo bikes are available to hire and reserve through the Beryl app. When you open the Beryl app it will guide you step-by-step to help you start using the bikes. 

Once you’ve opened the hub, unlock the cargo bike using the beryl app. Just hold your phone over the unlock pad next to the handlebars, switch on the bike and its lights. 

Start pedalling and the power assist will kick in. If you feel a little unstable, just keep pedalling, use the bike’s gears and the power assist will kick. The bike will increase in stability as you pedal. 

Pause my ride

As you will be loading and unloading, you can securely lock the bike and pause your ride as many times as you need for up to  2-hours. 

times as you need for up to  2-hours. 

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