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Tern Launches the NBD

Ultra-low step e-bike brings New Bike Day joy to a broader range of riders

Urban mobility specialist, Tern, today unveiled the NBD. Small in size and big on features, the NBD is an ultra-low step urban e-bike designed to deliver the joy of cycling to a much wider audience.

“To the average rider, the NBD will be an amazingly easy-to-handle, easy-to-ride bike that fits wonderfully into crowded urban settings,” stated Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “But what gets us really excited about the NBD are the special features we’ve added for riders that aren’t conventionally ‘average’. For riders that are smaller in size and have a hard time finding a bike that fits, or older riders who might not have ridden a bike in a while, or riders who might have balance or physical issues, or riders who are just intimidated by the sheer size and weight of the average e-bike, the NBD will be refreshingly easy to hop aboard and ride.”

Low and Long Step-Through Frame

Getting on and off a bike should be easy. The NBD has the lowest, longest step-through opening of any premium e-bike. For the average rider, more convenience is always appreciated. But for somebody with a knee or hip injury who can’t physically lift their leg over the top tube of a regular bike, this could be the difference between riding or not. The NBD could be the missing piece for them to experience the independence and joy of biking.

Easy to Ride

Riding a bike isn’t easy for everybody. Some smaller riders have a difficult time finding bikes that fit them, where they can get both feet on the ground when they come to a stop. Some riders have balance issues. And other riders have physical issues and find average e-bikes top-heavy and intimidatingly difficult to handle.

Tern NBD

The NBD is designed with an ultra-low center of gravity and a longer wheelbase to make it much easier to balance and handle. The lowered bottom bracket and motor give the NBD uniquely stable handling. SimpleStep frame geometry inspires confidence because it lets riders easily get their feet on the ground at stops.

Adjusts to Fit You

Riders can quickly adjust the NBD seatpost height, cockpit length, and handlebar height to get the riding position that feels most comfortable. The NBD features Tern’s patented Andros Stem that allows for wide adjustment of stem extension and handlebar height. While the NBD works great for riders up to 190 cm, the design of the bike works especially well for riders starting at 147 cm who traditionally have a much harder time finding bikes that fit them well.

Fits Better Into Your Life

With compact 20″ wheels, the NBD is much shorter in length than a regular bike. So it’s easy to maneuver in tight hallways, bicycle parking stations, or busy train stations. The NBD also folds flat in seconds so you can load a pair into a car for trips out of town. With Tern’s trademark Vertical Parking feature, the NBD stands upright to go into elevators, and can be easily parked indoors for added convenience and security.

Ready to Carry

Despite its compact size, the NBD is rated to a hefty maximum gross vehicle weight of 140 kg, and can handle up to 27 kg on the rear rack, and up to 20 kg on a front rack. With several accessory options, riders can outfit the NBD to suit their specific needs, such as commutes, school drop-offs, and quick grocery runs. The NBD also works with most child seats, and the low position of the rear rack keeps the center of gravity low, contributing to a better and safer riding experience. Families who want to ride with a child will especially appreciate the added safety.

Tern NBD with Yepp child seat

Safe & Reliable

For extra peace of mind, the NBD frame and fork have been rigorously tested by EFBE, one of Europe’s leading bike test labs. The Bosch motor/battery system is also one of the few systems on the market today which meets and passes the UL standard for battery and electronics safety.

“Our mission is to get people to replace car trips with bike trips,” continued Hon. “In order to do that, we need to make biking more accessible, comfortable, and safe for everybody. The NBD does that and our entire team is proud to have created something that will bring the joy and practicality of cycling to a wider range of people.”

Pricing & Availability

The NBD platform includes two models—S5i and P8i—and starts at $3899/€3999. Bikes will start arriving in bike shops in Q1/2023.

More Information

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