Lime Launches In Turin As Italy Approves New Pro-Scooter Amendment

It’s been a big December for micromobility in Italy.

Last week, the Senate Budget Committee approved an amendment placing electric scooters in the same category as bicycles with regard to traffic regulations. The move allows scooter riders to legally circulate on city roadways, a major supplement to the pedestrian streets and cycling paths to which they were previously confined. 

It also means the vehicles will now be included in the Italian Highway Code. 

“We’re very satisfied with the willingness shown by Parliament to approve an amendment that benefits sustainable electric mobility,” said Alessio Raccagna, Lime’s Head of Government Relations for Italy and Greece. “Cities across Europe continue to demonstrate how scooters are an efficient, environmentally responsible means of curbing traffic, reducing pollution and making urban environments more livable.” 

Days after the amendment passed, Lime officially launched its first fleet of electric scooters in the northwestern Italian city of Turin. The vehicles will be strategically deployed to help maximize transportation efficiency, allowing locals and visitors to travel from hubs like Porta Susa and Porta Nuova stations to other popular destinations around the city in just minutes. 


“We’re happy to be operating in Turin, a city that has always been at the forefront of sustainability issues,” said Benjamin Barnathan, Lime’s GM of Italy, Belgium and France expansion. “Lime is committed to working together with communities across the country to build a model of mobility that sees people increasingly connected and cities like Turin increasingly accessible.” 

As 2019 winds to a close, Europe continues to play a leading role in the global expansion of micromobility and the push for environmental sustainability. Lime’s e-launch in Turin comes shortly after the industry leader participated in this year’s COP25 and COY15 climate change conferences in Madrid.

Author: Press

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