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State Transportation Officials Extend Deadline for Mobi Awards to Jan. 10

RALEIGH – The N.C. Department of Transportation has extended the deadline for people wishing to enter a contest that honors North Carolina’s top multimodal projects.

The new deadline for entries in the NCDOT Mobi Awards is Jan. 10. The deadline was extended from Dec. 13.

The Mobi Awards recognize multimodal projects that connect communities, create jobs, spark economic development and enhance quality of life. Projects must combine two or more of the following modes of transportation: transit, bicycle/pedestrian, rail, aviation, ferry or highway. Judges will select the best projects in six categories. Winners will be announced at a luncheon in Raleigh April 1.

Please visit NCDOT’s website to learn more or apply online.  


Nominations may be made by any North Carolina town, city, county, university/college, metropolitan planning organization (MPO), rural planning organization (RPO), public transportation system/authority, airport authority or council of government.

Project must have been constructed and put into operation (or service must have started) within the past five years (prior to the application deadline of Dec. 16, 2019).

Project must combine two or more of the following modes of transportation:

  • Aviation
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian
  • Ferry
  • Public Transportation
  • Rail
  • Roadway

Those projects that did not take home top prizes last year are encouraged to re-apply.

Award Categories

A winner plus honorable mentions will be awarded in each of these six categories:

  • Rural*
  • Urban*
  • Suburban*
  • Tourism*
  • Innovation
  • Most Voted Project (MVP)

*The county in which the project is located determines which of these four categories the project may compete in (this excludes innovation and most voted project categories, which are categories open to all projects). Your project will automatically be assigned to one of the first four categories according to the information at this link.

In addition to the first four categories, every project will be evaluated for inclusion and consideration in the innovation category. Every project will also have an opportunity to compete in the Most Voted Project (MVP). After nominations close, a voting link will be sent to every applicant for publicizing the MVP locally.

Judging Criteria

A panel of experts from across North Carolina will evaluate and select winning projects from the first five categories (Rural, Urban, Suburban, Tourism and Innovation) based on how well the multimodal project: :

  • Leverages or spurs other public and private investment beyond the NCDOT investment
  • Boosts economic growth (business, tourism, etc.)
  • Creates long-term jobs
  • Improves public health
  • Enhances the community quality of life
  • Contributes to the community or state in other significant ways
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