Darwin Australia, Neuron e-scooter trial

City of Darwin has allowed Neuron to operate in Darwin for a 12 month trial of e-scooters (electric scooters). Neuron Mobility’s e-scooters will be available to hire in Darwin CBD, Waterfront and Cullen Bay from 22 January 2020. The trial will include up to 250 scooters.

Where can e-scooters be used?

The trial is limited to the Darwin CBD area, the Waterfront and Cullen Bay as shown in the map below.

E-scooters cannot be ridden:

  • in the Smith Street Mall at any time
  • on Mitchell Street between Peel and Knuckey streets between the hours 8pm – 6am
  • in the area around State Square and Parliament House

The e-scooters are geo-fenced and cannot be ridden or parked outside of allowable areas. Riders must park their e-scooters within the trial area in order to finalise the trip. If left outside the boundary, riders may continue to be charged.

The e-scooter will reach a maximum of 15km/h, however speed is also limited in certain locations for safety reasons. These ‘slow zones’ are set by the E-scooter Working Group and they work in conjunction with GPS and geolocation

E-scooter laws and road rules

The only e-scooters allowed to be used in the trial area are those owned by the operator permitted by the City of Darwin, Neuron Mobility. E-scooters are motor vehicles and all users must follow the road rules. Any offences or breaches of these road rules may result in penalties. Find all the information about the NT Road rules relevant to electric scooters here.

To enable the trial of electric scooters in the Northern Territory exemptions have been granted under the Motor Vehicles Act and Traffic Act.

Getting started

The e-scooters are unlocked using a smartphone app and are fitted with GPS tracking so that users and the operator can find them. To ride an e-scooter in Darwin, you will need to be at least 18 years old.  Simply download the Neuron Mobility app to your mobile device and then create an account.

As part of the account set-up, you’ll receive information about responsible riding and public safety while operating and riding the scooters. When you’re ready, use the app to locate and unlock e-scooters.

Will e-scooters be available after the trial?

City of Darwin will monitor and evaluate the trial with any consideration of expanding use of e-scooters, dependent on outcomes of the trial.

Facilitating the trial of e-scooters in Darwin has been a collaborative project between key stakeholders including City of Darwin, NT Government Department of Planning and Logistics, NT Police, NT Motor Accidents Compensation Commission, Darwin Waterfront Corporation, Cullen Bay Marina Corporation and Neuron Mobility.

More information on Neuron’s e-scooters

If you have any questions or concerns about e-scooters, including poorly parked scooters, user behaviour, and collisions, accidents or injuries associated with e-scooters contact the provider customer service.


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