Voi supports the restaurant industry: offering e-scooters for increased home delivery demand

We are all in this together. Yes, that is a lyric from “High School Musical”, but it is also Voi’s approach to the situation we are all currently in. Now more than ever a collaborative approach is needed, and supporting local communities is in Voi’s DNA. That is why we have decided to keep our fleet easily available in cities where local recommendations allow so that we can continue to provide people working in the corner-stones of society – such as hospital and store workers – with a safe means of transportation.

The restaurant industry has been under significant pressure during the past week, and are losing bookings while struggling to keep up with the increased demand for home deliveries. At Voi, we decided right away that we wanted to collaborate in finding creative solutions for partners in the industry to be flexible to this demand.

Over the last week, we have set up collaborations with local restaurants in several Nordic cities – such as Broms in Stockholm and Munchies in Oslo – where restaurant workers are using Voi scooters to deliver food to people’s homes.

“Crisis sparks creativity, we need to support and help each other. Restaurants need to stay open. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Voi, and will be able to offer a hygienic, safe and sustainable solution for home deliveries.”
– Anna Broms, owner of the Broms restaurant

In the past few days, we have seen many examples of communities and businesses coming together and supporting each other. Please, reach out to us for business requests or if you have any ideas on how we can support our communities further, together.

Voi and our partners are taking every safety measure to protect both staff and customers, following WHO guidelines for basic protective measures as well as local recommendations and restrictions.

Author: Press

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