GoWithFlow Launches First Sustainable Mobility Management System to Optimize the Entire Mobility and Energy Lifecycle

GoWithFlow today introduced the transportation industry’s first end-to-end management system for organizations implementing sustainable mobility programs as part of an overall commitment to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Flow’s Sustainable Mobility Management solution leverages the SMM Platform, a technology foundation that coordinates mobile assets and users to provide real-time insights into how they utilize company cars, scooters, charging stations and other components of the mobility ecosystem. The SMM Platform is a “hub” for data from IoT devices embedded in these assets and from other modes of mobility, including ride-sharing, e-bikes and mobility services. This provides a homogenous data set that allows for immediate access to the information literally driving the business.

Using SMRM practices, sustainable organizations can:

  • Lower their total cost of mobility
  • Improve customer and employee mobility experience
  • De-carbonize their mobility footprint

“Sustainable mobility isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also a smart business decision,” said Jane Hoffer, CEO of GoWithFlow. “The real power of sustainable mobility is about harnessing the power of transportation for the benefit of the organization, whether it’s a business, an institution like a university or a municipality. Our unified mobility approach ultimately gives you real-time insights that can positively impact your whole business operations, not just your fleet.”

Flow’s powerful Sustainable Mobility Management solution is based on the practice of Sustainable Mobility Resource Management (SMRM), an enterprise-level approach where companies and organizations can turn transportation into a critical part of executive-level decision-making, reducing mobility costs and fossil fuel-based emissions and creating new revenue-generating opportunities.

Rather than taking a siloed approach to mobility, where a company may think it needs only an electric vehicle (EV) charging station management system or a fleet management application, Flow’s innovative approach looks at sustainable mobility as a data-driven, integrated business system. This approach means decision-makers can incorporate device-level mobility data — from vehicles, charging stations, energy providers, end users, even micro-mobility initiatives and public systems — throughout the organization.

“What is valuable and unique about Flow’s platform is its end-to-end management of both energy and mobility in a single package,” said James Carter, principal consultant of Visionary Mobility, which specializes in the global automotive, transportation and mobility space. “This allows a completely integrated approach, which means businesses can make appropriate decisions from one portal, even at a granular level, rather than having to consult and cross-reference several systems.”

With Flow SMM, decision-makers can manage five critical mobility systems:

  • Mobility Planning: A living guide to build and deploy the SMM approach that best fits their needs, both present and future. From electrified fleets, charging infrastructure and facility allocation planning and a mix of transportation options to energy acquisition and load balancing, the entire sustainable mobility lifecycle is within view. Users can forecast and model how different configurations of EVs and traditional vehicles and charging assets impact the bottom line.
  • Energy Management: You can’t have an electric vehicle without charging. You can take an important first step on the low-emissions road to sustainability by taking control of your charging infrastructure, including public and private EV charging, load balancing, reservations and real-time monitoring and response.
  • Fleet Management: Transitioning to EVs and a mix of mobility options adds a degree of difficulty to managing a fleet. Flow’s Fleet Management capabilities offer a range of integration options for dedicated vs. shared fleets and charging solutions, asset utilization and optimization, and creative ways to reduce the overall fleet cost footprint by looking at variable mobility options — cars, e-bikes, scooters, ride-sharing.
  • Mobility Services: Mobility Services bring in external data sources, extending the mobility ecosystem to include public transit, shared mobility services, and taxi, ride-hailing and other on-demand services.
  • Transaction Management: For organizations farther along the path toward sustainable mobility maturity, Transaction Management can be the gateway to revenue-generating opportunities. By extending charging services to employees and bundling services into a mobile platform, for example, a fully functional SMM solution can handle payment processing, invoicing and user-profile management to turn mobility into money.

About GoWithFlow

Flow is a software and services company that has delivered the first comprehensive Sustainable Mobility Management (SMM) solution to businesses and cities that are de-carbonizing their mobility footprint. Flow’s solution is based on the SMM Platform, a technology foundation that coordinates mobile telematics to provide real-time insights into how users utilize their company’s mobility assets like vehicles, scooters and charging stations. With Flow SMM, decision-makers can manage five critical systems: Mobility Planning, Energy Management, Fleet Management, Mobility Services and Transaction Management. Flow’s majority shareholder is Galp, one of Europe’s energy companies leading the transition into renewable energy and sustainable fuels. For more information, come gowithflow.io

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