HiMo launches new dual mode folding electric bike on Indiegogo

HiMo launched the HiMo Z20, a new dual-mode folding e-bike designed to make commuting fast and easy. The bike is now available on Indiegogo for the early bird price of $699 USD.

The latest product in the company’s portfolio, the HiMo Z20 is equipped for electric, electric assist, and manual cycling. It also features two pre-set modes that users can easily switch between with the press of a button: Cool Mode and Dynamic Mode. Riders can use Cool Mode to apply a small amount of electric acceleration to aid their pedaling for a carefree joyride, or Dynamic Mode to reach top speeds with more power.


“We wanted to create a bike perfect for any kind of ride, whether you’re commuting, leisurely exploring town, or going for a high-energy thrill ride,” said HiMo CEO and co-founder James Zhao. “Riders can quickly switch between the pre-set modes and then further adjust the acceleration and power by simply pressing the pedals and throttle.”

A Shimano 6-speed transmission system and high-efficiency DC brushless motor allow the HiMo Z20 to reach speeds up to 25 km/h, and it can complete an 80 km ride on a single charge in the power-assisted mode. Its protective battery management system calculates power and monitors current, voltage, and temperature, so the bike’s power is not impacted by environmental conditions.

The HiMo Z20 is also extremely transportable and boasts a patented lightweight aluminium alloy frame that was awarded the 3C safety rating. At only 21.6 kg, its compact design allows for easy folding in 10 seconds. It has a built-in battery box connected to the body for efficiency and a dedicated key for the battery which allows for easy removal. Despite it’s convenient size, it doesn’t sacrifice strength and has a bearing capacity of 100 kg.

In addition to a sleek design, the bike features an intelligent vector control system for extremely efficient movement. The control system provides real time vehicle analysis and feedback that helps users optimize their ride. This is further augmented by the bike’s IPX7 waterproof high definition display that shows battery power, mileage, speed.

“The HiMo 720 makes it so easy to say goodbye to stressful traffic jams or public transit for your commute and errands, “ said Zhao. “Plus it’s a super fun way to just get out and explore both urban and rural places.”

The HiMo Folding Electric Bike Z20 is available on Indiegogo. For more information or to interview HiMo personnel, please contact public relations agent Borjana Slipicevic.

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