Voi supports the Liverpool ukulele music group

Recently we had the honour of supporting the #Liverpool ukulele music group “Scooterleles”, a band of scooter-riding ukulele players including a teacher, a doctor, a tour guide and a clinical psychologist, with access to Voi. 

“Our band was formed a couple of years ago, just before Covid struck,” says Timothy, the band’s leader. “We stayed in touch during lockdown and when we were allowed to gather again we performed at doorsteps and in peoples’ gardens – particularly for those who had been severely isolated. Maybe it was because people had not heard live music for over a year, but the response we received was both moving and joyous. And so this year we took to the streets again,” he says, continuing, “we arrived in a flurry of tinsel and played a few numbers and then moved on. The smiles on peoples’ faces tells us all we need to know. We’d do it every year if we could.” 

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Author: Press

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