SmarTuk L2 Cargo Scooter

100% electric, made in Europe and the upcoming cargo solution!

The VIS system powers the vehicle and we can create with our lithium battery the autonomy you need for your last-mile delivery business.

Everything the vehicles does is logged and saved.

The main items on the SmarTuk are the features for the driver!
LED screen, GPS, Bluetooth, comfortable seat, storage space for your papers/mail and private documents are all there to do your work properly.

The drivability of the SmarTuk is smooth. The inner city is the natural playground of the vehicle. Left….right….., stop…., U-turn and go.
It makes your ride safe and very easy.

Last but not least….the cargo box. The customized inbox can be for hot, cold and for all other deliveries. With our partners we can create the perfect fit for you.

The SmarTuk Cargo scooter is the solution for the last-mile delivery!

Author: Press

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